Friday, July 24, 2009

Spending the Summer at the Library

We have an amazing library. They have planned activities for the community to enjoy for the whole summer. We have been taking advantage of the free entertainment. This last week on Tuesday they had some Yoga instructors come. I was suprised at the consentration that Keegan had to get the poses right. Mya was very excited to do it as well. They handed the kids some pipe cleaners and let them make their own Yoga man so that the kids could twist them into their favorite poses. Keegan took that Yoga man around with him for the next couple of days.

On Thursday they had a marionette production of Rumplestilskin. The kids laughed and loved the marionettes. Mya loved the queen and couldn't wait until dad came home so that she could tell him all about it.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Mya turned 5 years old this past Friday. "It takes a long time to turn 5" said Mya when her birthday finally came. Since we celebrated Keegan's birthday at Chuck E Cheese's she would not be persuaded to go anywhere else. Everyone had a lot of fun. What can truly top pizza and arcade games in the mind of a five year old? One of her favorite rides was a virtual roller coaster. The capsule moved up and down and around as if you really were experiencing it at an amusement park. Now that the birthday has come and gone he focus has turned to when school will start and tells me that summer vacation is to long. What kid says that summer vacation is to long? I will definatly have to ask her next year after she has experienced a "real" summer vacation if it really is to long.