Sunday, April 11, 2010

Jacob Vance Love

He is finally here! I was supposed to be induced on April 1st, but the hospital was busy and since my induction was elective we got bumped. It meant that I got to enjoy a wonderful stake conference and easter weekend. We called on Monday and the doctor was out of the offices and nobody was able to help us. I called again on Tuesday and they said that if we came in right now they would be able to get us in. I called Gerald at school and he got other teachers to cover his classes and we went right in. The on call doctor then proceded to say that she might not be able to get us in and started asking me questions about why I wanted to be induced, and how long my last labor was. (Just to let you know, I was not going to leave that hospital without being induced that day!) She decided that she would be able to take us after all, but told me that I would not have to worry about having another ten pound baby, because this one just wasn't ten pounds. She then broke my water and I was given pitocin. Four hours later Jacob was born. He was 10 lbs 4 oz and 20 inches long. He was very calm and content and very brused. He just wanted to sleep the first six hours and nobody could even wake him up to eat. Gerald stayed the night with us the first night in the hospital. It was fantastic to have his help because I had such a strong epidural that I couldn't even get out of bed until 5 hours after delivery.

Mya and Keegan are still getting adjusted to having another sibling. A couple of days after he was born, Mya was asking if we could change his name. I guess there are some Jacob's at school that she is not to fond of. If anyone asks if they can take Jacob she will gladly give up Keegan as a trade, but they can't take Jacob for now. Keegan just wants to hold him all the time. He is always asking when it is his turn.

We are glad to have him here. It is so great to have friends around that have helped us tremendously this last week. There have been so many people that have went above and beyond their call. We have had lots of support with people bringing in meals and lots of people that have volunteered to take the kids, having them spend the night at their house and getting Mya ready for school the next day. I have truly felt blessed to be surrounded by such amazing people.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

He Lives

Excellent testimony from the Apostles about Christ. Serves as a great Easter message on this Easter Day!