Monday, September 20, 2010

Where or Where does my time go?

Has it really been a month since I have posted? I feel like a whirl wind has hit our home and everyday blurs into the next. It is almost midnight and I am just finishing up homework and it is pretty much the only time that the house is quiet all day so I thought that I would update everyone on what is going on.

Mya loves first grade! She is so eager to learn new things and she always comes off of the bus ready to tell me what her favorite thing that she learned was. She is our little reader. She will ask us if she can go up to her room and read books. She was so excited about the scholastic book orders (because they didn't get those in kindergarten). She came home with the order and just about every book was circled. She told me that she only circled the ones that she was really interested in reading.

Keegan can write his name. We have been practicing lower and upper case letters and how to write his name the right way because that was something that I overlooked with Mya. He can count to 20 and we are trying to be able to get to 100 but that won't be for awhile. His favorite show is Chuggington. Anything with trains will get his attention. He begged for weeks to go to walmart so that he could get another battery for his electric train. It's sad that I couldn't find just one double A battery, but I went a got the economy pack so that it won't happen for a long time.

Jacob is great. I don't want to jinx myself, but he has been sleeping all night for the last three nights. It is great to be able to have 7 hours of sleep again. I think that I was a walking zombie at one point. He can roll from back to front and front to back, he kind of does the inch worm thing. His favorite toy is the saucer right now because he figured out that it spins and jumps. He is always on the go. He is also one of the happiest babies ever. He will smile at just about anything and anyone.

I have been super busy watching kids during the day and going to school in the evenings... and long into the night on some occassions. During the day I watch three other kids and Jacob and Keegan. Five kids under five never leaves for a dull moment. I find myself laughing at least one time a day about something that they say or do. Some days are better then others, but I wouldn't have any other job right now. I love being able to stay at home with Keegan and Jacob. I am taking four classes right now. Communications 350 and 450, Business 321, and Family 160. Hopefully by the end of the semester I will know how to communicate. It was really rough the first week because BYU-Idaho was upgrading their system and I couldn't access anything that I needed to. I am determined to graduate in April so if my next post is a month from now you will know why.... and hopefully understand.

Not to forget about the most important person in the family.... Gerald is doing good too. He is super busy with school. This is his going to be his fourth year at Northshore. And I personally can't believe that we have been in Houston that long. Some days it seems like we just left Idaho. He really identifies with the students and likes who he works with.

Random picture of Keegan at the splash park with all his friends. Pictured is Cori, Keegan, Keegan and Joely.
*These pictures I stole from Kareena off of facebook because my camera is out of commission for awhile and my mom was begging for some updated pictures. Thanks Kareena!