Monday, August 23, 2010


Back to getting up early, packing lunches and riding the bus. Mya is a big first grader now! She was convinced that she was getting up earlier this year then it was last year (it was the exact same time). The exciting thing this year is that Mya and Aiden (one of the boys that I watch) get to ride the same bus and they are going to sit by each other everyday because they are best friends. The one thing that she was adiment on wearing on her first day of school was her new twinkle toe sketcher shoes. They blink.....and their beautiful she tells me.

She had a great day today. The best part was the new playground. "It's lots bigger and better." I was informed. She said that her teacher Ms. Simon is super nice (but aren't all teacher's super nice on the first day.) A couple of her friends had to move their clothespins because they weren't following the rules, but Mya told me that she wasn't ever going to move her clothespin this year because she wants a prize from the prizebox. I can't believe that she is in first grade already!

Monday, August 9, 2010


As summer is coming to an end I just thought that I would update what we have been up to.

This is a picture of Jacob right before his first outing to the swimming pool. As you can see he has learned a new trick.... spitting! And he is really good at it too! He loved the pool. He sat back in his little floating device and soaked up the sun.

The last activity at the library this summer was with dominoes pizza. It was really cool to see the "professionals" hand toss the pizza dough. The had activities for the kids.....hula hooping pizza dough, jump roping with pizza dough, and letting the kids try hand tossing it. The best part was when the brought in hot pizza to eat!