Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, I know that its been almost a month since we took our trip to Idaho. Im slow!

First off....epic fail! My mom allowed me to have a big bbq in the backyard and invite whoever I wanted. We mowed the lawn, set up the volleyball net, gazebo, and bbq pit and made several yummy salads and watched as John Monson and dad grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on two seperate bbq's. Friends and family came and it was sooooo much fun to see everyone and all their mini's (kids). But here is the failure...I didn't document it with a camera!

You can't visit east idaho without stopping here...Eating Rupes Ice Cream!!!!! The rootbeer swirl cones of course!

One of the worst parts about living so far away is not being able to see the grandparents (or from my kids perspective...great grandparents)

Grandma Chandler

Grandma and Grandpa Womack
I have a special relationship with my grandma and miss her sooooo much!

When we were talking about going to Idaho, the only thing that mya and keegan wanted to do was go fishing! We headed up to brush creek and dropped down into paradise where both my and keegan caught 20 fish in 2 days. Between Kyle, Chad, Mya and Keegan we had over 100 fish in 2 about paradise!

When I was growing up dad would bail the hay and we didn't have a fancy tracter to haul it so we would come home from school and get basic low boy trailer on the back of a pick up truck and stack them by hand (each bail weighing 40-60 lbs each) and then we had to drive them over and stack them for the winter. It's not that big of a field until you get out there hauling hay.

This visit, there was a neighbor with a tractor and Mya and Keegan found it fascinating!

Watching the pivot move is a lot like watching paint dry. It's so slow!

Grandma with Charlie (my brother Chad's little boy) and Jacob

We went to Micheals and found some crafts one day. This is mom and Mya stringing together necklaces.

And cute Jacob sitting on the front porch

It was great to be able to go home.