Thursday, June 25, 2009

Take Me Out To The Ball Game....

My first and only experience with MLB up to this point in my life was at Cincinatti Ohio when I was a kid. We watched the Reds play the Pirates. It rained for most of the game and we spent the majority of the time watching them take the tarps on and off the field. The home team lost that night and when the game was finally over it was past 1:00 in the morning and because of the noise ordinance they were not allowed to let off the fireworks.

Today's game with the Astro's Vs the Royals was so much better!!!! The Astro's won 5 to 4. The best play was when Lance Berkman hit a home run that brought two runs in. It was such a neat experience and I was captivated the whole time. With a little reluctance I will let Gerald know that it was a great activity to do as a family. (Reluctant, because I don't like to admit when he is right.)


Monday, June 22, 2009

A New Pet

Jessica and I let the kids play in the water this morning. We filled up a kiddie pool and turned on the sprinkler. We were eating our ice cream when this little guy came out of the garage......

The kids just kept wanting to touch it and we kept telling them that it would hurt if he pinched them. Jessica caught it and put him in a bucket so that she could show Adam when he got home. My question is, where did he come from?

Happy Father's Day

The kids had lots of fun with Father's Day this year. The kids picked out what they wanted to get Gerald for Father's Day (With a little help and suggestions from me) and then helped me wrap them. We gave Gerald his presents on Saturday night so that he could ware his new white shirt to church on Sunday. The kids sat on the couch waiting for Gerald to get out of the shower to "suprise" him when he got out. It was so funny because they tried to hide the presents from Gerald so that he would be suprised and the best hiding spot they could find was behind their backs. Anyway.... Just wanted to wish Gerald a Happy Father's Day. We love you!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Project

This afternoon I enjoyed the peace and quiet and was able to get some reading done. What can I say, I am enjoying the summer vacation. Now for the reason that it was so peaceful..... Gerald and Adam assembled a sandbox in the backyard yesterday.

When the kids were out riding bikes the other day they stopped along the road and all of them were fighting over a handful of sand that they found along the side of the road. The sandbox can still use a couple more bags of sand because it is a little on the shallow side, but the kids are going to be entertained for a while. YEA!!! I think the parents are enjoying the sandbox just as much as the kids are.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Birthday Boy

Today Keegan turned three and I can't believe how fast those years went. We decided to celebrate his birthday as a family at Chuck E Cheeses. While we were getting ready, he kept reminding Mya about his birthday and where we were going. There really was a lot of things for the kids to do. Keegan's favorite game was pushing a button that would catapult balls into the mouth of the "hungry dog." I think I put 15 tokens into that game because he kept saying that he wanted to do it again. (Oh the joy that kids find in simple things.) Mya loved the huge rocking horse. When we went to leave Keegan announced that he had fun at Chuck E Cheeses on his birthday. It really is a place where a kid can be a kid and I think Gerald was reliving his childhood on the virtual skidoo.


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Something a Little Different....

I was reading an article in the Ensign last night and I can across the "Questions and Answers" article. It addresses the issue of how hard it is to be a stay at home mom and gave suggestions that mothers can do to find joy in staying at home with younger children. C. Jansen from Texas writes, " When I feel as though I'm spending most of my time cleaning up after our little family, it is usually because I am! Somtimes the practical details are not actually as important as they seem. I find that if I take a break from the routine- maybe visit a new park, try a new recipe, spend time with someone in the ward who also has a baby or young child, go on an unexpected walk, make a card, or surprise someone with a visit- then my perspective is refreshed.

So we refreshed our perspective today. I called up an old friend, Jenny Mohonti, and I met her down at the Miller Outdoor Theater. We went and saw a performance where the kids learned about the different types of dances from the different era's. The kids were captivated by the performances. Mya was super excited when she got to go up on stage and do the twist and the jive. She is quite the little performer.

You can't see it so well..... Mya is the one in the middle. I couldn't get a good shot after everyone in front of me started getting up and dancing, but Mya was thrilled to be able to participate so I had to capture the moment ;)