Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Merry Christmas...Happy New Year!

Mya and Keegan Trying on Great Grandma Love's Fancy Hats.

Christmas Break was a blast! We packed the car and headed to the colder weather. It was a 20 hour trip to Milwaukee and a 20 hour trip home. On the way there we drove through the night. The kids watched movies and slept most of the time. It made for an easy commute. I can say that because Gerald drove most of it. I took the last five hours :) The kids were excited to see snow, but even though Gerald and I grew up in the cold, we had forgotten how cold it REALLY gets. I think thats because we are a little spoiled down here with our mild winters. Everyone was concerned about all of us getting sick that they rounded up coats for all of us. It was great to see everyone again. It had been about two and a half years since we had been back to Milwaukee. The best part about visiting family in Milwaukee are all the good cooks that are in the family. Everywhere we went there was something good cooking. My favorite was the fish fry on Christmas Eve. I think that I gained five pounds in the week that we were there. On the way home we stopped for the night just outside of Memphis Tenn. The next day seemed like it was taking forever to get home. I thought that the kids did really well traveling that far. Jacob was kind of rebelling on the last night of the trip and he was definatly greatful to get rid of the big coat that we kept putting on him. He did not like it at all. Someone had to distract him while someone else put it on him or he would start to cry. Another bonus of living in a place where we just need a light jacket once in a while.

I think that 2011 is going to be a good year for the Love's. One of the things that I am looking forward to is graduating from college with my bachelors. Another thing to look forward to in the year 2011 is Keegan starting kindergarten. I will feel like I have a lot of free time when I only have one at home. What am I going to do with myself when I don't have school or three kids at home......(I'm sure I will find something :) Anyway, we hope that your holidays were as good as ours.