Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Month Of December

OK, I can finally admit it....Its super hard to keep up with a blog and our crazy lifestyles, but at least I am trying and that's what counts...right??? The month of december has been super de duper busy!! Im sure that many of you can say the same thing. Where does the time go?

To start of the month, Keegan was picked to be the student of the month :) which means that mom had to make a poster. He was soooo excited.

Some of the things on the paper....
Lives in :)
My Pet....We don't have any (my kids are deprived!)
I want to be a.....fireman....when I grow up

AND I LOVED THE DRAWINGS OF HIMSELF AND THE FAMILY!!! None of us have bodies, just faces, hands, and feet. Hahahaha!

Mya is also involved in girl scouts and this year they made their own skirts and shirts and then went and modeled them while they caroled at the annual Christmas Celebration at our community center

Its awesome to be able to go and do this every year...its kind of turning into a tradition. They will have entertainment, pictures with santa, a craft for the kids, hayrides, and this year they even had train rides. The video is of the girls singing, notice how all the girls are holding their music to hide their faces, but mya gladly holds hers down and sings loudly for all the hear. SHE LOVES TO PERFORM!
Here are some pictures on the hayride...we almost didn't go because the group before us got drentched with a 2 minute downpour of rain. But it stopped we got on and enjoyed a dry ride. And Gerald didn't want me to take his picture, but I had to capture that everyone was there that night :)

During the month of december Mya also won a bike at school. I was so green with envy because I NEVER won anything like that when I was going to school. When she first told me about it I thought that it was going to be one of those things where everyone does the work and then they put all of your names in a hat and draw out one lucky person's name. NOPE!!! They had all the kids in the school set a reading goal, and then they tested them every month and once they made their goal they earned their bike. Everyone in the school was able to win a bike. They set up the time to pick up the bikes on the saturday before Christmas so that they could enjoy them through the christmas break. What an exciting thing for all the kids to be able to do. The second picture is Mya and her best friend Anoi....they are BFF'S and do everything together. If they haven't seen each other in 2 days they are going through withdrawls. Good thing they are in the same class this year!


The ward christmas party was a lot of fun. They had snacks and a real hot chocolate bar....yummmmm! We made christmas cards for the wounded soldiers and there was entertainment. Mya and I sang a duet of Mary's Lulliby from the children's song book. We were going to sing the round during the chorus and practiced it like that but something happend during the actual performance :) It was fun to be able to sing with Mya. What a great thing to be able to do as a mother and daughter. I am so thankful for the opportunities that we had to practice together and the fun that we had.

I didn't get any pictures of Mya and Keegan with santa clause this year. They were too fast and were gone by the time that I made it to the stage. Don't worry....the moment was still captured by our proffessional photographer in the ward (Ursula Williams) I just didn't get it on my camera. But I had to capture Jacob's "JOY" of sitting on Santa's lap.....

Waiting in line...doesn't know what is going on but still happy about whatever it is....

Screaming....why are you making me sit on this scary mans lap????

I think everyone has to have the 1-2 year old screaming like they are going to die picture on sata's lap! PRICELESS!!!!


Christmas was great to be able to enjoy this year. Mya and Keegan are at such fun stages! To them I am sure that the month of december was never going to end! At school they were writing letters to santa clause, and because santa was so busy only the elves were able to write them back (which I am pretty sure were high school students writing as elves for an english project) but still really exciting for both of my kids to hear back from anyone from the north pole! There were projects to decorate ornaments and polor express day where they were able to wear their pajama's to school and watch the polar express. Keegan's teacher even gave them all whistles and let them blow them every time the whistle blew in the movie!

When I was little during the month of december we would read a scripture, sing a christmas song and read a christmas story for the 24 days of Christmas. Kind of a miniture devotional every night. It was something that I will always associate with the month of december. About 4 years ago my mom bought me a 24 days of christmas book with the devotionals in them for each day and this year I pulled it out and started doing it with the kids. Some of the stories were really good for my kids to hear. It got them thinking about things that they could do and how they could serve others. One of the stories that we read was about a little boy that got up early to get all the milking done so that his father could enjoy the christmas morning and watch the kids open up their gifts. The father said that it was the best gift that he ever recieved. We had talked to the kids about how christmas morning we were going to wake up and get ready to go to church and that we would wait to open up presents until after dad got home. I went to go and wake them up to get them ready and Mya had made her bed and gotten dressed already. She said she wanted to be like the little boy in the about tears....she has a heart of gold sometimes! Then she helped me get her brother's ready so that we wouldn't be late for church.

On Christmas eve we have started a tradition where the missionaries come over and we have a big meal. This year we also had some really good friends of our join us. It was fun being able to make chicken, ham, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, green salad, green bean casserole, and macaroni and cheese. And it was fun to have the house full of people! Sometimes around the holidays it gets kind of lonely for me because I am used to big it didn't seem so lonely this was great!

Mya wanted an I-Pad for christmas, but there was no way I could justify getting a 7 year old a $600 gift! She was so persistant....even after we told her that santa was poor this year and that he doesn't give expensive electronics. She would say things like she would be just as happy if she got the happy feet 2 movie and that it wasn't as expensive....but then she would secretly say I really wish that santa could get me the i-pad. Luckily she is 7...and doesn't know the difference between brands! Her reaction is priceless!!!!!! And Keegan at the end of the movie....after watching mya open up the gift that she really really wanted....bless is heart....still mustered up a smile when he opened up clothes. It was a great christmas, and we were extremely blessed this year.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Christmas Tree

Thanksgiving was wonderful, we have so much to be thankful for as a family. I have been blessed with the most amazing family, Gerald has a good job (and in this economy thats a huge thing to be thankful for), we have a beautiful home and the gospel. I really couldn't ask for anything more! We were so blessed to be invited to a friends house for Thanksgiving dinner and the food was amazing! It was also nice to be able to spend the day with the missionaries as well, they bring a peaceful spirit with them that is so refreshing to be around.

So now it's time to start thinking about Christmas.....yikes, this time of year comes so fast.
Mya and Keegan are sooooooo excited.

We pulled out the decorations because today was going to be one of the few days left where everyone is going to be home to help. We have a famous WHITE christmas tree and this year when I pulled it out of the box this is what I found......

I don't know what happend. We have had this tree for three years and I have never had this problem. I believe the tree soaked up the brown from the box that it was being stored in. It looked horrible! Because I am a cheap skate, I wanted to salvage it.

I braved black friday at noon when all the crazies were in bed sleeping and went over to Walmart to get five cans of spray paint.

And then the kids helped to put all the balls on it. Look at all the joy and excitement in his smile!

It took me about 2 hours to put tape on the lights so that they wouldn't be spray painted, and then it took me about another 2 hours to take all the tape off. It would have been really easy to go and buy another Christmas tree, but I think that it turned out great. Don't get me wrong, I definately don't want to do this project again next year, I am going to be investing in a GREEN christmas tree when they are all on sale AFTER Christmas :) But this year, we will still be enjoying our non-traditional one, thanks to a couple cans of paint!

Friday, November 18, 2011

A Family Theme

I have been trying to tackle this project for some time now.....I have a big blank wall that has been staring at me since we moved into the house three and a half years ago. I have always known that I wanted to fill it will the to speak...of our family. I just couldn't ever find the perfect thought/idea that fits our family. Then it came to me..... (and this theme is not just because of my husband's calling as bishop!)


Now, I'm sure some of you are saying.....that's really simple....and so easy to do. But the more that I thought about it the more it seemed like such a good theme for our family.

Be patient with me as I try and explain..... I was never scared of storms until I came down here and experienced just how strong a wind storm could be. Powerful Hurricains can take down large trees and destroy homes. Water is not stopped by front door and can easily take individuals off gaurd. When those powerful storms or rain start to come I cannot calm down until every individual of our family is home from school or's hard to describe the feelings I experience as our family is gathered home, and the storm continues to rage outside....and I love it! Everyone is safe; we are all together. Sometimes it seems like that is how it should be all the time, my family together and gathered around me, protected, and shut off from the storm that is outside.

Now, I'm sure your thinking where is she going with this? Bear with me....I'm about to make my point......

Perhaps you (like me) have thought how it would be so much easier to withdraw and isolate ourselves from the "storms" of life that we experience all the time. There are many tactics that Satan uses to destroy our homes and families. If Satan can weaken our relationships as family members, he can cause more misery and unhappiness then he could in any other way. This is where I found the "theme" of our family to be "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord." My faith and testimony has been strengthened when I go out of my way to share the gospel with a neighbor that doesn't know anything about what we believe. Or when I have my children make a sacrafice to attend family home evening instead of girl scouts, or when Gerald and I take the time to schedule a trip to the temple. I have felt really strongly lately that making those little sacrafices and choices strengthens our family and home. I hope my children will be able to see the importance of serving the Lord like I have!

So now the project.....

Pull out a frame and a can of paint so that it goes with the rest of the decor in the house.

An obstical....pulling the picture out of the frame resulted in a tear in one of my favorite pictures from our wedding day....Thank heavens it was one of my favorites and we had a couple copies of it!

The final product!

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Little Cheerleader and Dancer

It's Friday Night....and in Texas....That means FOOTBALL!

And for this Friday....Mya was the cheerleader and performer.

For a fundraiser the high school cheerleaders have a mini camp for a week for the rest of the school aged girls in Crosby and then they get to cheer at the football game on Friday. Mya was so excited and kept asking me when cheerleading camp was because she had done it last year. I kept looking for a paper to be sent home from school but we never got one. I asked my friend if she knew what was going on. She called her "resources" and found out that they had forgotten the new school that Mya was at. There was no way that Mya was going to let me out of this one. My solution was to carpool her from school over to another school every day for practice. Then I found a better solution and made sure that Mya's best friend got involved so that her mom could car pool them everyday. Both of the girls had a blast!!!!

Here are the BEST FRIENDS....Anoi and Mya getting ready to go out on the field.

And for this lucky girl...she was also able to participate in the Crosby Star dance fundraiser also!

But that smile makes it all worthwhile....she was one happy girl!

So....I'm sure your all wondering if we won or not?????

Of course we won!

Sample's Of The Night!



Saturday, September 17, 2011


Before the festivities the baking had to be favorite is peanut butter cookies. It was fun trying to bake cookies while 4 children under the age of 3 were in my care. At one point Xandria put her had in the five gallon bucket of suger and Colton yelled, "Megan, she's eating it!"

Now to the talent show....Mya was sooooooooo excited about the talent show. When she learned about it three weeks ago she knew exactly what she wanted to do. SING!!! So she pulled out the kareoke machine every day after school to "practice."

Before the show began she found out that she would be the second act, and she turned to me stating that she was scared, but that she was going to be brave. She was thrilled when the audience joined in by waving their hands during her performance.

Dad and the boys watching the acts....jake looks thrilled :)

The final performance....the chinese dragon!

In between acts they had minute to win it performances. They had to watch their blue print and see if they could do it in less then a minute. This was the performance of current bishop vs previous bishop.....go babe go!

It was so much fun to be able to see everyone's talents...our ward has so many! The final movie is of a father and his two sons in a band. It took them about an hour to set up and an hour to take it all down, but it was fun to see what they like to do in their spare time!

Sunday, August 21, 2011


So, I know that its been almost a month since we took our trip to Idaho. Im slow!

First off....epic fail! My mom allowed me to have a big bbq in the backyard and invite whoever I wanted. We mowed the lawn, set up the volleyball net, gazebo, and bbq pit and made several yummy salads and watched as John Monson and dad grilled hot dogs and hamburgers on two seperate bbq's. Friends and family came and it was sooooo much fun to see everyone and all their mini's (kids). But here is the failure...I didn't document it with a camera!

You can't visit east idaho without stopping here...Eating Rupes Ice Cream!!!!! The rootbeer swirl cones of course!

One of the worst parts about living so far away is not being able to see the grandparents (or from my kids perspective...great grandparents)

Grandma Chandler

Grandma and Grandpa Womack
I have a special relationship with my grandma and miss her sooooo much!

When we were talking about going to Idaho, the only thing that mya and keegan wanted to do was go fishing! We headed up to brush creek and dropped down into paradise where both my and keegan caught 20 fish in 2 days. Between Kyle, Chad, Mya and Keegan we had over 100 fish in 2 about paradise!

When I was growing up dad would bail the hay and we didn't have a fancy tracter to haul it so we would come home from school and get basic low boy trailer on the back of a pick up truck and stack them by hand (each bail weighing 40-60 lbs each) and then we had to drive them over and stack them for the winter. It's not that big of a field until you get out there hauling hay.

This visit, there was a neighbor with a tractor and Mya and Keegan found it fascinating!

Watching the pivot move is a lot like watching paint dry. It's so slow!

Grandma with Charlie (my brother Chad's little boy) and Jacob

We went to Micheals and found some crafts one day. This is mom and Mya stringing together necklaces.

And cute Jacob sitting on the front porch

It was great to be able to go home.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Its a Boa Constrictor

It was snake day at the library!

At the begining of the presentation he started out with tiny that was a month old and they just kept getting bigger and bigger. Keegan was interested until about half way through and then he stopped touching them and didn't want the presentor to come close. Mya and Keelee were brave!

....and that boa constrictor was REALLY HEAVY!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mya's is Seven!

For her birthday this year Mya wanted a real party. She wanted a sleepover with friends, cupcakes, and ice cream. I am sooooo thankful that she is easy to please! On Saturday before her birthday she went to chuck-e-cheeses. This is turining into a love birthday tradition! We saved the sleepover for the tuesday after her birthday because Monday was the fourth and everyone had family plans. She invited three friends over and we played musical chairs, spin the bottle, and had a scavenger hunt. The girls were able to decorate cupcakes and eat them and then we watched Tangled. The girls stayed up until 11 and were up at 6:45 the next morning so I felt like I had a birthday hangover afterwords. Mya declared that it was the best birthday ever! We are sooooo greatful to have Mya in our lives. Happy Birthday!!!!!

Jake's First Haircut!!!

It was time to say goodbye to the curls....... I hope they grow back, because he looks so much older without them.

Dad tried handed him the clippers as an attempt to make him comfortable. He loved it!

Now he is ready for a bath!