Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Getting Ready for School

Over spring break last week I took Mya over to get her shots updated. After a two and a half our appointment I was really suprised that Mya didn't shed a tear. The nurse took forever to give her the immunizations and I think that I would have been crying if I had to have gone through it. We went to go and register her for Kindergarten and they said that she still needed the vaccine for chicken pox. They wouldn't register her without it. Apperently there have been two new vaccines that are now required that just went into effect this last month. So we went back today to get the extra shot and I decided to get Keegan updated as well. Mya was fine but Keegan was really upset. When the nurse was done giving him a shot in both arms and one in the leg he turned to the nurse and pointing said, "she hurt me mom, she hurt me." Oh the joys of keeping your kids healthy and jumping through government requirements to get a public education.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have been meaning to make a post in the last little while, but the days just keep passing without me doing it. I'll just make a quick note.
Now a reason to celebrate..... Our milestone is that Keegan is potty trained. We can almost be a completely diaper free house. YEA!!!! I am still a little hesitant to put him to bed without a diaper. He wakes up dry about half of the time. Still, we are excited parents to be done with that stage of our lives.
Next week is spring break which means that we get to spend lots of time with Gerald. We don't have anything planned, but it will just be great to be able to have some family time together.