Saturday, October 31, 2009

Trick or Treat

This was the first year that we have officially taken the kids trick or treating. We have gotten away with it because of all of the other activities that we go to and because Mya and Keegan didn't know what they were missing out on. Now that Mya is in Kindergarten I have a teacher to thank for informing her just what she was missing out on. She kept asking when we were going trick or treating today. Some friends invited us a hay ride around the neighborhood and had a good time even though it was a little nippy outside. THANKS MATT AND APRIL! There were a couple of times where Keegan and Mya were scared of the haunted houses or the adults that had dressed up in scarier costumes (I hope that we didn't traumatize them, I guess we'll see if they have nightmares tonight).

Yesterday was Mya's Halloween party. They decorated pumpkin sugar cookies, played pass the pumpkin, and made halloween necklaces. It was kind of disappointing that the Crosby kindergarten outlawed witches and devils as costumes because "they are too scary." However, Mya was excited that she got to ware her costume all day long and she came home and told Gerald that she got 100 candy to bring home.

I am so thankful to have all the festivities over with! I am Halloween'd out!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Ward Halloween Party

Mya and Keegan had tons of fun tonight at the ward Halloween party. There were lots of people, lots of games, lots of candy, and lots of fun. Mya has wanted to be a witch for a long time now. There were tons of witches at the party. I counted 15 of them. Keegan kept telling Mya that witches were scary and that he wanted to be a ghost so that he could be scary like Mya. I talked him into a pirate. He was so excited when I told him that he could pack his sword around. Both of them have really gotten into the dress-up game and so it was fun this year because they were both into character. Keegan went around saying "I matey" and Mya went around cackling like a witch.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Festivities Begin

October is always full of fun things to do. Yesterday we went and supported Atascosita in the fall festival carnival. You could tell that they put in a lot of work. They had a petting zoo, and a camel that you could ride that both Mya and Keegan chickened out on. They had all the typical carnival games with soda pop toss, cake walk, face painting, baloons and a haunted house. (If only they could of had better music) the live band was loud and off key.It was a good way to kill an afternoon instead of sitting at home and wrestling with the kids until Gerald got home from the bank.

This was one of Mya's favorite booths... The ASL group at the school put together a wax hands where you could mold any sign that you wanted into a wax sculpture that you could take home. Mya thought that it was too hot at first but she wanted to prove to Aiden how brave she was. After it was all over she turned to me and stated, " I didn't cry mom, even though it was hot."

The petting Zoo. They had food to feed the animals and Keegan Callahan ate it. We laughed about his green tongue and he just kept saying that it tasted really gross. It was kind of confusing because they had put the food into an ice cream cone and I guess it looked appealing to him. I think that he is going to take a second thought next time we offer him people food in an ice cream cone.