Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

We started off the Valentine's festivities at Kareena's house last wed. Keegan had so much fun decorating hats, playing bingo, exchanging valentines, and frosting cupcakes. It was FUN, FUN, FUN!!!! The mom's had a delicious meal with my personal favorite chicken salad. Everytime that Kareena wants to make something to eat, I always request the best chicken salad in the world and since I am pregnant she is happy to serve! I have to take advantage of it while I can :) To go with the chicken salad there was a really good broccoli and cheese soup YUM YUM YUM. Super great start to Valentine's!

Mya's teacher decided not to have an official valentine's day party, but they still exchanged valentine's. I don't think that the kids even thought that there was a difference. The had a cake walk during motor lab (gym) and Mya said that everyone got cookies even if they didn't win. This bag was filled with all kinds of goodies. From suckers to pixie sticks to candybars. Yea for sugar.

And now to the best husband in the world. On saturday Gerald came home from working at the the bank with the beautiful chocolate arrangement. He sure does know what his pregnant wife wants! The bottom of the vase was filled with miniture chocolate bars. Any girls dream! A great friend watched Mya and Keegan while we went out to dinner with another couple. We attempted to go to dinner at the cheesecake factory, but the wait was rediculous. I got a caramel pecan turtle cheesecake and Gerald got a strawberry shortcake to go. We ended up in China Town at a fantastic place with authentic Chinese food. It was FABULOUS! Such a great night to spend with my wonderful husband. I love you.

And here is Mya and Keegan all dressed up for church on Valentine's day. Mya said today that she had to call grandma and grandpa because today was the last valentine's day. Even though there is technically only one day that is valentine's since ours lasted four days she was kind of disappointed that today was the last one. So....... Happy Valentine's Everyone! Hope yours was as great as ours was.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Extra, Extra...Read All About It

Mya is student of the week at school. When she came home on Friday she was so excited to be selected as student of the week. She was telling us that she gets to be the line leader. Something that she has aspired for since school has begun. I asked her what all else it entails and she let me know that we had to make a poster so that she could tell the class about herself and then it gets to be displayed in the library for a week. I am sure that you can't read it....

Favorite Food
Pumpkin Pie

Favorite Things To Do
Ride My bike
Play with toys
Play with the Wii

She is one excited little girl. She talks about how she gets to pick from the teasure box and that the only job left that she hasn't been able to do is lights (where you get to turn the lights on and off when the class comes and goes in the classroom). Oh the joys of being 5 and the duties that are required of you at that age.