Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Halloween Festivities

What would a holiday be without a ward function? We had our ward Halloween party on Saturday. My camera is still malfunctioning, but a good friend allowed me to take some pictures of the kids. Mya has chosen to be a Cinderella this year. Are any of you suprised? If you can't tell from the pictures Keegan is a dog. They have been really excited about Halloween and dressing up. Today we went to the library and had singing and storytime. The library planned cupcakes and cookies and punch and other goodies after storytime. Then they allowed the kids to go into the library and do some trick-or-treating.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

It's Been Awhile......

I looked at the blog and couldn't believe that it was two weeks since my last post! I was getting emails from people asking how I was and what I had been doing because it had been awhile since they had heard from me.
Preschool has been a fun experience. After the Strega Nona play we took another field trip up to the airport. We were learning about the letter "A" and our monthly theme is transportation so it worked out perfect. (It was a busy day on Friday when I usually have the kids so....FIELD TRIP). Brianne and Gayla are awesome to work with. They are so flexable and so willing to help!!! We went to a park afterwords and had apples to keep with the "A" theme. We played on the playground equipment and we also had some organized games for them to play as well. The kids were exhausted and didn't even put up a fight when it came to nap time that day.
It has become a rutine to go over to the library every tuesday morning. The kids love to hear stories, sing songs, dance, and they usually have a craft for them to do. Afterword they get to go and pick out movies and books. Tuesdays are very relaxing afternoons because they just want to watch their movies and read their books.
I did host bunco at my house this last Friday. I thought everyone knew what Hawaiin haystacks were. More then half the people there were skeptical about if it would taste good. I think that they were pleasantly suprised.
Semenary is going well. Today one of the boys was blindfolded and the other was gagged so that we could heal the blind and deaf. It has been a great experience to study the New Testiment and the life of Christ while he was here on the earth. I have learned so much this year!
Sorry about not having any pictures. I am having issues with my camera. Hopefully I can get it figured out soon.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Strega Nona

We went on an adventure on Monday. We took all the kids to the Miller Outdoor Theater to watch the play Strega Nona. Most of the kids didn't understand what a play even was. They kept asking what it was that we were going to play. We tried to explain that it was like a movie with real people. It was definatly a culture experience for all of our little preschoolers.
Here is all of us sitting and waiting for it all to begin. Strega Nona was one of my favorite stories from when I was a kid and I was super excited when I saw that it was going to be at the Miller Outdoor Theater.

The story begins with Strega Nona who is seeking help from someone in both outdoor and indoor chores. The first to respond to her advertisement is tall, clumsy Big Anthony.
Strega Nona assigns Big Anthony to various chores around her house, but she also warns him not to touch her magic pasta pot, an enchanted pot that produces pasta at the command of a spell. In the middle of one of his chores, Anthony spies on Strega Nona conjuring pasta from the pasta pot. He also watches as she commands the pot to stop producing pasta. Anthony does not observe Strega Nona blow three kisses after commanding the pasta pot to stop producing pasta.
When Strega Nona spends a day to visit her friend Strega Amelia, Big Anthony uses the opportunity to spread the news of the pasta pot and serve everyone pasta. However, because he did not know how to properly stop the pasta pot from producing pasta, the pasta continued to flow, flooding the town with pasta.
Fortunately, Strega Nona returns from her visit and commands the pasta pot to stop producing pasta, blowing three kisses after issuing her command. Big Anthony ends up having to eat all of the pasta that flooded the town as punishment for disobeying Strega Nona.