Saturday, October 8, 2011

Our Little Cheerleader and Dancer

It's Friday Night....and in Texas....That means FOOTBALL!

And for this Friday....Mya was the cheerleader and performer.

For a fundraiser the high school cheerleaders have a mini camp for a week for the rest of the school aged girls in Crosby and then they get to cheer at the football game on Friday. Mya was so excited and kept asking me when cheerleading camp was because she had done it last year. I kept looking for a paper to be sent home from school but we never got one. I asked my friend if she knew what was going on. She called her "resources" and found out that they had forgotten the new school that Mya was at. There was no way that Mya was going to let me out of this one. My solution was to carpool her from school over to another school every day for practice. Then I found a better solution and made sure that Mya's best friend got involved so that her mom could car pool them everyday. Both of the girls had a blast!!!!

Here are the BEST FRIENDS....Anoi and Mya getting ready to go out on the field.

And for this lucky girl...she was also able to participate in the Crosby Star dance fundraiser also!

But that smile makes it all worthwhile....she was one happy girl!

So....I'm sure your all wondering if we won or not?????

Of course we won!

Sample's Of The Night!




Alisha said...

That is so much fun!! You are awesome for doing that for her!

Erica Marshall said...

Wow, it will be no time at all when she is out there for real!