Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Have You Been Wondering?

I know its been awhile....I could use the excuse that I have two jobs, or that my husband is the Bishop, or that I had two kids in sports.........

But really, I shouldn't have taken a two month break from catching up.
Lets start with January.
It was full of basketball practice twice a week and two games on Saturday. Both Mya and Keegan LOVED it!!!!!!!!!!! It was the best idea. There is a program called Upward Basketball that is given through one of the local churches here in Crosby. One of my favorite things about the program was that they emphasized the importance of learning skills verses pushing competitiveness.

(This is a picture of Keegan on the bench)

There were numerous times when the ref would stop the kids in the middle of a play to tell them what they did wrong and make them re-do it. Since Mya and Keegan were both in the smaller age group they didn't even keep score.

(Mya lining up before the game started)

It was really good for Keegan to be on an almost all girls team so that he could get out of his shyness and I was actually impressed with what he learned and what he was able to do. There were some people that were impressed that it was only his first year. HOPEFULLY we will have a scholarship or two when it comes to that time of his life :) Mya was on a mostly all boys team and it really helped her because she had to pick up on skills faster then normally because most of them had been playing for two years already. She was frustrated at first but picked up on things quickly. It was such a fun fun season and we cant wait to do it all over again next year!

In January we also had a primary kick off party.....
It was a super hero theme where the kids learned that super hero's Choose the Right (CTR) the theme for the year in Primary this year. Even Jacob was excited to be able to be dubbed a super hero.

And as if January wasn't full of enough basketball for girl scouts Mya was able to attend a Houston Rockets Game. My friend Kareena is her girl scout leader and she asked if I would be able to drive the girls to the event. It was POURING rain that night and the 5 girls that went with me were super excited. For most of them it was their first time going to a professional basketball game. One of the girls was sooooo nervous about going up the LONG escalator and clung to my leg saying that it was to high. And another girl said that she thought she was going to fall when we went to walk down to our seats. (That's when you know you have great seats!)

I honestly don't know the date when we went to Old McDonald's farm for Earl Jr's birthday....but I had pictures on my camera of Mya and Keegan riding the horses there. This was their favorite thing to do. I remember when they were both terrified the first time we went to Old Mcdonald's farm....sigh...time is going quickly.

Jacob was fearless with riding the horses that day too. I just couldn't take a picture of him because I had to walk beside him and hold on to him while he was riding the horse because he was so small. It was a super fun birthday party! And Keegan is excited to go back tomorrow when they go for the kindergarten field trip.

In the month of February Keegan had a school performance for president's day. It was soooooo neat! The teacher's here in Crosby are wonderful!

Here is a video from Keegan's performance and one of his basketball games.

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Alisha said...

So busy!! Love the update!! I took a blogging break too and need to do catch up as well.