Sunday, April 8, 2012

Happy Easter....
Its been a great one at our house! On Saturday we started off the morning at an Easter egg hunt. There were so many places to choose from. Last year it was really nice because an elderly couple in our ward planned and executed an Easter egg hunt at the church, but this year there were no festivities planned by the church. There were advertised hunts all over Crosby and Kareena and I wanted to find one that didn't have a huge mass of kids. We decided to try the one sponsored by one of the firestations here in town. While we were waiting for the hunt to start we were able to nibble on snacks (cookies, cupcakes, and juice). Then the Mr. and Mrs. Easter Bunny came out and the kids were able to take pictures with them and Mrs. Bunny gave them a treat (Keegan got a glider airplane and Mya got a jump rope)

Jacob didn't want anything to do with the happy Easter couple. He had a very similar response to a couple months ago with a jolly guy from the North. He was super excited to get involved in the hunt though. He got more eggs then Mya and Keegan did...but look how many kids Mya and Keegan were up against. They had one of the biggest groups there that day.

After the egg hunt they had one of the firestations out so that the kids could climb inside and investigate it. Overall, it was a good experience except it would have been nice if the kids got a couple more eggs. Poor Joely that went with us only got year we will probably have to go to one of the Hunts that advertised they had over 1000 eggs!

Jacob's Birthday!

Jacob turned 2 on Friday! It was a beautiful day and the kids were out for Good Friday so we decided we were going to take the kids over to the Splash Park and have cupcakes. A really simple Party!

I don't know why he was giving me such weird faces....but as you can tell he is one of the most animated children we have...he is soooooooo expressive! There is no guessing if he like or doesn't like something.

When I hear about all the snow up north, it really makes me grateful that we have such beautiful days that we can spend outside. And I absolutely love that they have put this little splash park in the Newport subdivision....though I love the Gene Green Splash park only 15 minutes is really convenient to have one in town :)

Happy Birthday Jacob! Its been a great 2's to many many many more with you!

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Alisha said...

What a fun Easter! I love the Bunny Couple!